Physician Whistleblower

Physician Whistleblower

Fired for having cancer

Dr. Stephanie Waggel, MD, MS.


Dr. Pamela Wible, MD.

Improve Medical Culture

by Dr. Stephanie Waggel, MD., MS.

I am a physician, author, motivational speaker and founder of Improve Medical Culture. I lived in the DC area for seven years and I would like to get involved with the Northern Virginia community. Recently, I hosted and was a speaker at the National Day to Prevent Physician and Medical Student Suicide in Washington, DC. The goal of this day was to decrease the stigma of mental illness that is present in the healthcare field and honor those who have taken their lives. This was a national event that over 800 people participated in. I was also filmed for the movie "Do No Harm" which is about abuse in the medical education system. This year, I have been asked to speak for organizations such as Public Citizen, Care2, and One Story. Also, this year I have published articles with Physician Family and Kevin MD. I was named a Physician of the Year 2016 by Medscape. I typically speak on achieving life and career goals despite adversity, mental health education, and tips and tricks for premeds and medical students, depression, addiction, stress, sexual assault, discrimination and women’s health issues. I have a huge social media following and, you might say, I am very popular with the under 30 crowd on social media. I greatly enjoy working with young people as I believe helping them to overcome barriers in today’s world will make for a better tomorrow. I believe the most successful physicians are active in the community. Please have a look at Improve Medical Culture for more information.

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MSU Whistleblower

Doctor, Author, Motivator, Mother

Dr. Eastman has recently spoken out about her experience with sexual harassment while at MSU.  Dr. Eastman is a faith-filled and gifted individual who uses her gifts, including her leadership, graceful honesty, vulnerability and openness, empathy, and sensitivity to educate, encourage, inspire, and motivate others.  She is a proponent of continued education and mentoring.  She enjoys speaking, writing, and showing others the nonjudgmental love that her Grandma showed to her as a child and teenager through countless kitchen table talks.  Her degrees include a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (2010) and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wayne State University (2004).  Before medical school, she worked several jobs, including employment with several Metro Detroit gyms as an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and as an ACE and NASM-certified personal trainer.  Nicole’s educational background and life experiences, including extensive loss, fuel her passion for preventative medicine.  Nicole believes her greatest lessons in life came through her near-fatal accident in December 2010, two weeks after she was married and at the start of her career as a doctor. Nicole is a social media enthusiast who has used her platform to share her testimony, and in doing so, she has assisted others in healing alongside her.  Her greatest motivation for truly living life and for continuously pushing forward with a growth mindset are her children - her miracles who were born following her accident.  Nicole was born and raised in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Currently, she lives with her husband, children, and five kitties in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. She thinks it would be beneficial for every individual to have the opportunity to live an expat life at some point along their journey, and she’ll forever be grateful to Cayman for her life by the Caribbean Sea and some of her most memorable life moments, including her wedding and births of her children.

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The Change Triad

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The Change Triad by Sarah Diekman, MD, MS

  1. Fully maximize the tools you have. Aka execute the powers that you have & when they fall short, inventory what tools you need (Executive Branch)
  2. Repossess the tools that you are entitled to. aka Sue to get the tools that you already have the right to have but someone has disposed you of. (Judiciary)
  3. Create new tools. Aka make new laws. (Legislative)





The networking and change triad




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