Scientist Editorials

The realities of working in the front lines of medicine and science.

Anonymous Testimonials

Read anonymous testimonials about justice and injustice in medicine.

Do you have your own testimonal?  Please share it with us!  We will make sure to remove any identifying information to keep it anonymous.

Stories from the Unmatched

Read about the devastation caused by the residency shortage.  

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The Physician Shortage

We have compiled data on the worsening physician shortage.


The mission

Justice like infinity is something we approach but never reach.  The pursuit is one in which every effort is necessary but no one effort is sufficient.  This page aims to serve the pursuit of justice.  Specifically, justice in all aspects of medicine.

No profit is gained from this site, other than the benefit it may convey to the greater good and all people.  The purpose is to use the internet to unite the silos of medicine.  Gaps in communication between and within medical training, patient advocacy, healthcare worker rights and scientific integrity create injustice in medicine.  Mainly, this site is a relay station to get you to resources to support and inspire you.

Approach 1- Research Past and Current Issues

All scientists stand on the shoulders of those before them.  The more we understand of our history, the more we can reproduce and build upon successes and avoid ethical and clinical errors.

Approach 2- Uniting the Stakeholders

The more we share our stories of our experience with medicine and science, the more we unite our common goals.

Approach 3- Sharing information

A whisper network and anonymous stories increase communication amongst healthcare workers, scientists and survivors.




Disclaimer: This site is not for profit.  It offers no legal or advise.  Your state bar association can provide you with legal services and lists of ABA lawyers.

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Next Steps...

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